In 2018, Mark Brody received a Blues Brothers-like mission from God: To form the Midwest’s most unforgettable surf rock band. The result of this divine appointment is Strange Waters.


But Brody didn’t arrive here on his own. Enlisting the help of Jon Schafer (bass), Chris Lewis (drums), and a mysterious, cigar-loving rhythm guitarist, the band built a sound that blends the best of first-wave surf rock with a defiant punk rock energy. 

“It’s like The Ventures in a head-on collision with The Dead Kennedys.”

~ Chris Lewis


Hitting the scene with their self-titled EP in 2019, Stange Waters began carving out a unique place in the world’s surf rock community. Within their first year, they were playing massive venues, traveling the Midwest, and sharing stages with some of the most powerful names in twang and reverb.


Things were looking up for Strange Waters...until 2020. COVID, show cancelations, and lockdowns put a lead sinker around the music industry’s neck. But it would take more than that to stop these swampy bastards.


Strange Waters instead returned to the depths, biding their time and crafting their highest-energy, most fully realized offering to date: Deep Dive.


Recorded, performed, written, and mixed entirely on their own, Deep Dive is the closest fans can get to joining the band in the dark waters from which they abide.


The only thing better is to catch one of their powerful live performances. From the first note to the last, Strange Waters pummels their audiences with reverb-drenched melodies and grooves that fit as well at a surf rock festival as they do going up against the heaviest of metal.


Heading into 2022, Strange waters has re-emerged to show the world what surf rock is really all about. And no pandemic, social downturn, natural disaster, or leviathan can stand in their way.

But the question remains, 'Who is the stranger?'